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The Anachronous Lamentations of Steve Pants [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bill Fiasco

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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2007|09:39 pm]
Bill Fiasco
hello the internet. i am using the internet. for those who do not know, i got a job as an astronaut. i will be in outer space wednesday, thurday, friday, and every other saturday from 6pm - 6am. we have now secured a new house over there (<---). the house will also be a recording studio. as you might know, astronauts make a lot of money, so the studio will be getting better soon. i will probably also get a sailboat for sailing and piracy. and at least another cab for my amp and maybe a hurdy gurdy. about a week ago, it was pretty likely that by the end of this month i would be jobless, homeless, and have no money. but i got pretty lucky. im bored, i want to go hang out in the trees.
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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2007|07:49 pm]
Bill Fiasco
i am on the internet. except for watching carpenters music videos, i dont know what else to do.

christmas was excellent. i got a cd player for my car so i can listen to music again.

yesterday was my last day at hai ky. fuck that place.

it is fairly cold and rainy today so we are all hiding out at nicci's place. our house currently has no utilities. the first few days were nice, but the weather has turned and all of our firewood is soaked.

i currently have $10.10 to my name.

if i have not talked to you in a long time, you are not alone and you should probably try to find me. my phone battery is dead right now, but i will remember to charge it tonight or tomorrow.

we were supposed to go to denton today, but josh just got home a couple days ago and since we dont have power, we havent played in like a month. plus no money. bad timing, but hopefully we will make the vomit homicide record soon. my plan is to get famous in japan from that record and tour there when josh starts working for japan.

nicci got guitar hero for christmas and it dominated my life for about a week, but now i hate it. we tricked josh into playing it, but he only plays cheap trick, which is good.

i beat school pretty well last semester. smoke weed every day. i am taking more journalism and photography this semester. i took my dad's canon ae-1 and its pretty sweet. photographies are easy.

this one time i was tripping and we were hanging out in the backyard. i said "i hear a cat on the wind," and then i found the most perfect baby kitten out in the cold, so we brought her in and now she lives at our house. her name is pretty pretty princess kitty teacupcakes. her and sal are best friends. they sleep on me everynight.

so yeah, generally staying busy, trying to say in school, having a lot of fun, and i am generally happy.
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2006|08:00 pm]
Bill Fiasco
so i don't know if you have seen ATL, but it is excellent.
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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2006|06:09 pm]
Bill Fiasco
[Current Music |Can - Sing Swan Song]

i am really bored. it is my day off this week and all i have done this week is work. dave and nicci are gone. someone should hang out with me. i dissected the couch looking for my knife, but i found my old multitool and the remote in there instead. i hate work. it seems to even ruin the time i am not there. josh and i decided to learn freebird as to not disappoint the fans. that song sucks.

but, yeah. mostly, people should hang out with me.
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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2006|07:06 pm]
Bill Fiasco
so i got my brother's old laptop, so i can get wireless internet now. the internet is pretty boring. i'm getting a little into youtube again, mostly for the j-dramas. it is kind of nice to be able to look stuff up on the internet again. i am also enjoying my web comics. i have not done too much lately besides work a shitload.

apart from that my car has been getting terrorized. someone broke the back window and stole the only thing of value, the cd player. i get the window fixed and a couple nights later, i come out very late at night to find ketchup on the windshield, then i see a tire is flat. it has a screw through it and another screw hole right next to it. i don't really think i have many enemies and the neighbors said similar things have happened to them. it fucking sucks. we have been patrolling the driveway heavily armed since.

and i got a new phone yesterday. it is kind of neat. had the old one for three years, had been pissing me off a lot. it broke often and didn't support text messaging.

some other stuff probably happened, but my memory only usually extends about a week. josh and i turned a voice changer into a guitar pedal. it has spaceman, robot, and alien. it is fairly advanced technology. it is usually used to go between the input and output of an amp, our improvised synthysizer our next project is slated to be a hurdy gurdy.

we decided to stay in our house for another year, so it is getting more and more trashed by the day. sucks that i have to clean it eventually, but meg is coming here for the first time soon and it is a little embarrasing how fucked up this place is.

hot jesus, i just found the carpenters superstar movie with barbies on youtube. im going to enjoy this.
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2006|03:36 pm]
Bill Fiasco
this week has sucked and also not sucked. i took my car to a place to get it unbroken, but it needs a new engine and is going to cost many dollars and take like another week. joel and scoot came with us to the acid mothers temple. it was fucking amazing and loud and drugs. they totally kicked ass and won at music. fucking shit man. i am really into guitar solos these days and kawabata is pretty much the best. josh turned his trumpet into a saxophone and it is much better now. fucking albert ayler marshall allen ass shit. besides the acid mothers temple, not much else interesting has happened in a long time. i just go to work and then like hang out at team on sundays for internets. but i am pretty sure my sleep schedule is getting more erratic.
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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2006|03:22 pm]
Bill Fiasco
some of you may have noticed that we don't have the internet anymore. this is because we are too poor to have the internet. if you want to hang out with me you will have to call me or something. i am a team right now.
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(no subject) [Mar. 19th, 2006|03:35 pm]
Bill Fiasco
sxsw this year was actually very exciting for some reason. i think it really changed my life in a very good way. expect to see some things happening in the near future like my bands getting more serious about playing shows and making records, touring, getting a house on the east side where an indefinate amount of people will hang out and have a good time always and i will turn it into a really kick ass studio. i really just want to build my space as a really comfortable place for friends to hang out and create music and i will sit there all day and make records. i hope to have a label in conjunction and my current goal is to put out at least one josh record in one year from now.

and it is weird, but i got excited about music again. i saw a couple of shows that very seriously changed my life: om, thurston mooore and friends, rhys chatham's guitar army, and the arnold dreyblatt ensemble all changed the way i perceive sounds and set a new level of genius and perfection. i could talk about it for hours, but i do not really have the energy, but at one point i will start rambling to you about how amazing they were. it will only entertain me. funeral diner, dmbq, and everything else i saw was great too.

i had a good time this week, which is funny because i was kind of pissed that sxsw was about to happen. i worked a shit ton and did very little sleeping, so i missed a lot of stuff that i was exctied about and that is a bit disappointing. but, there were some very cool people around and our house became a fun place to hang out. mitch clem came over and was really drunk and hilarious. it was exciting to hang out at sxsw with an internet celebrity. we made fun of nural a lot because they are so fucking weird and terrible and they were around here for a little while too.

so yeah, new friends and old friends and everything was a bit psychedelic. and almost no drama, blown away by that.
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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2006|06:12 pm]
Bill Fiasco
[Current Music |Black Sabbath - Hand of Doom]

tonight, in celebration of having gas again, i am finally going to cook something. we will be having tacos. anyone is welcome.

edit: i just spent over two hours cleaning the kitchen.
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2006|01:02 am]
Bill Fiasco
our friend lance died in a car accident last night and today has been a day of figuring out what that means. he is really the first person in our group to suffer this kind of tragedy and it hits home. lance was always a really hilarious person and i probably owe him for going to recording school. it just goes to show that it could happen to any of us and we cannot just always be complacent.

i need to start living. for the last couple of weeks now, i have been doing some planning with friends about building a studio. this is what i really want to do with my life and it is about time it happens. i also want to see if we can make playing music go anywhere and as vomit homicide continues to kick ass, i feel some people need to find out about what is going on in that garage-room. i would definately like to get a tour under my belt.

the gas supposedly will be turned on tomorrow, has been about two months. tomorrow should be a day of showers, clean clothes and dishes, heat, and cooking.

be kind to each other, tell people you love them, enjoy it while you can, because you never know when you are going to wake up and someone will be gone. good luck on becoming a zombie, lance.
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